Software for all occasions, whether you’re preparing for war, showing off, or just smoking a hookah!
We develop software for the iPhone platform, Android, and .NET platforms.
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Combat Misson:Touch
From, the critically acclaimed creators of the Combat Mission series of wargames: Command American and German troops during and after the invasion of Normandy, June 1944! Combat Mission : Touch mixes fun and realism for a unique, hands-on, 3D wargame experience.
Zombie Defense
The living dead have overrun rural Texas! Four gritty Texas souls have survived the initial onslaught and have banded together to take on the Zombie Horde. Lead their struggle to survive!
A straightforward but delightful stopwatch app. Provides start/stop/reset, lap counter and lap times, copy and paste of lap times, and provisions to allow continuous timing during interruptions to run other apps or take incoming phone calls.

DropTeam™ is a multiplayer capable, real-time, tactical simulation of armored ground combat in the far future. You’ll battle for control of objectives on a broad variety of planets ranging from verdant Earth-like worlds to desolate, radioactive wastelands.
The App Store's first solar powered flashlight app! Well, sort of . . . Shine the glorious light of the sun on your immediate vicinity and maybe find dropped keys, retrieve spare change discarded by others, or read hastily scribbled notes in the dark; all the while illuminating yours and your friend's minds with nifty solar facts!